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No—maybe not, but you can kill many! For instance, if you can do it with any other animal, you can do it with your own dog. So it’s perfectly okay to kill your dog if you can.

Is it possible to make your dog not want to eat garbage? No. There is no method for making a dog be afraid of garbage. This is because a dog would never eat garbage just so you can put it in his mouth so that you can eat it. If you were to put it all together, your dog would die.

What does a dog have to do to be euthanized? You simply bring the dog to your veterinarian. The vet will give the dog anesthesia. Then you can apply medication to your dog, so that he won’t make any more sound with his tongue. And then the veterinarian will kill the dog according to the dog’s wishes.

Will it kill someone if I put garbage in their house? People usually don’t see it. They think dogs think garbage is food, not the other way around. Your dog will not eat anything you put in his mouth. He will only swallow pieces of food, which are not his favorite. You should try to be patient with him.

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Will it destroy the fabric of my apartment? No—absolutely not. The waste from your house is used to pay for the trash. Once again, if I throw it away without using some of my favorite trash in my house, my house will look different. Now, if it does look different due to dog poop, the garbage can be recycled in the city to pay for the trash service.

Does dog poop cause a disease? No, it doesn’t. It’s something animals eat. And it’s not contagious. If my neighbor’s dog poop gets in one my kids’ mouths, they might get the disease which is “Dog Poop.” But that’s also not contagious.

Are dogs toxic? Yes, most of the time. Many dogs are trained in dog fighting and some of them will carry around toxic substances in their body. But this doesn’t come into play with other animals. When I was talking with my vet, she said that there are no dogs with a genetic abnormality or a tendency to be aggressive; in other words, he can’t say that dog is not safe to have. If you have a dog, then you should keep your dog away from other animals.

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