Do dog treats have to be FDA approved? – Creative Dog Business Cards

Yes. Your dog has to receive an official medical prescription for your dog and a veterinary surgeon will have to sign for such. But since we do not sell treats, they are safe and non-addictive! Just look for the product label – you should only see a list of ingredients that have a green box. If they are not listed, it’s no longer a safe food! The red “No” (with a star) means they are illegal! Please, do not use any medicine on your dog. It may lead to an injury. What can I do if my dog will not eat it?

If your dog cannot eat the treat, please use something else, like hot rice. If your dog eats this “medicine”, then we’ll know it’s a “drug” (non-approved food) and it is going to be banned.

If my dog can eat some ingredients but he won’t eat most, what can I do?

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Some dogs have problems with some ingredients but do eat it, while others have problems but not eat it, but some people report success with food and they’re eating it. We’ll probably do an investigation and we’ll take that information! See our FDA Formulations page. How do I feed my dog food without drugs and additives?

The best “natural” diets are the most economical – because they are the most economical for farmers and the people that can afford them (in that way, we’re the richest and the healthiest and in that other way, we’re the only ones helping the poor)! Here’s the recipe: You may be asking, “Why do people choose the natural diet, if you make it out of natural ingredients – and not just animal products?” We can’t do this for you, because we’re not a chain and we can’t find the best place to buy the ingredients we need for our food. But try our alternative formula which is just free of additives. Some people with diabetes can start a “super food free” diet that includes 100% fruit and veggies for years by adding water, fruits, berries and nutritionally vital vitamins and minerals – it’s amazing. See our super foods page. What do I do if my dog is always ill and he’s always sick to eat food?

If your dog is always ill and he constantly vomits, you may see no improvement until he learns more about his digestive system – you’ll need to see your vet if your dog is very aggressive and develops diarrhea. If he

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