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Many dog walkers enjoy learning about dog and cat behavior and how to handle various situations. There are no required animal licenses for dog walkers. Some states also license dog walkers as “owners of a dog”. This allows the dog owner to have a license, but the training doesn’t have to include classes, obedience and other special training programs.

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If you see a dog walker in a park or on the street without a valid license or permit, contact a licensed humane officer. In some states, an officer may issue a warning.

How does a dog walker earn a license/permits?

The first step is to complete all the required training. If all training is completed, state law allows the license holder to pick up the permit within the city where that person operates a registered dog walker and may obtain a dog park permit. Once the dog walker has a permit, they and other licensed employees may also pick up additional permits for special needs dogs that need their service.

In addition to training and maintaining a valid license, a dog walker may pick up a permit to take an animal, such as a new puppy or pet, from an animal shelter.

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