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The dog’s not sad because you’re gone, but because there are so many people on so little food. Many other factors could cause the dog to become unhappy.

This is a basic problem, especially for people who are unable to find their own food. So, it’s probably best to keep the cat or dog in the house until you decide you’ve found a way of making some money.

The cat might get very stressed; his skin will be in constant contact with the cold. The dog might also become distressed as he doesn’t get much to eat.

You need to have a plan B if you’re not careful. And I’m not talking about making up some kind of business venture. My dog and cat, who live in total peace with my two sons, my teenage daughters, and my parents, have the time and place to run a little farm. We have the water and fertiliser, and with time we can make our own cheese. The animals are also happy! There’s no need to live in a house, nor have pets, when you’re not getting enough for your family.

We have chickens, and ducks and turkeys. If you think you aren’t going to find a way of surviving this way, it’s time to look for some other option. It might involve your own garden. The key is to find a way of making a small fortune that will allow you time to find a solution.

A little bit of money is enough for you to get a small space you can share with both cats and dogs (or just one for your children). A bigger or better quality property than this one doesn’t cost so much. If you can keep that income for a year or so, you’ll be very much on your own. But it’s not that easy!

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