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It might be because we treat them so well. However, when you leave dogs in unfamiliar homes, they are likely to be anxious about separation, and that can make that sad feeling even more intense. Here are some steps you can take to help your pooch cope with this common challenge during the early stages of a separation.

Talk to your dog and pet him/her

If your dog is not an active dog, talk to him/her. There are many dogs who will take some time to get used to going at it alone; make them feel like they are on the same level with you.

When you first leave in a new home, your dog might get upset. Don’t let him/her get mad because he/she thinks you are leaving. Talk calmly to him and say, “I know you like it here, but I really wish that you’d go back to your home when you have room! That way your new dog would be comfortable too. Maybe you could come back and join us? We wouldn’t mind. But we might miss you!” He/she may come to think that you are not sure you will return, and she/he might be afraid if there is a short break in your absence. She/he will probably go over some questions, as you are the one who will come back; remember all the important steps you took! The only way to avoid all those emotions is to get over them on your way out.

In general, your pooch might stay at home for only a few hours, so you will want to start talking to her/him at the same time when you leave. There are lots of techniques out for talking to your dog that help him/her to settle on a level playing field. Use what you do best when the time is right.

Stay out of the room and quiet until your dog is sure you will return

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If your dog isn’t used to your presence when you leave (because you move to a new home with a friend), he might even show signs of becoming anxious and upset while you are out of the room, so you need to watch him like one would watch a dog if he needed food or water. It won’t take long before he/she starts to get a taste of what is coming.

If he/she doesn’t seem to understand the reason for your disappearance, he/she might get scared. It makes more sense to make sure he/she is comfortable (or at least not agitated

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