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You absolutely must pay taxes on dog sitting fees for your dog. Do not get a refund for dog sitting fees – you will never be able to get your money back and your credit will get you sent to collections for any unpaid taxes. You also will not be able to claim any tax refunds for paying your dog sitting fees.

Does a dog sitter have to be licensed with the City of Eugene? No, a dog sitter may not be under the influence of a controlled substance. There is an exception in the City of Eugene ordinance allowing dog sitters who are under 21 to be paid with a debit card. Dogs must also be properly trained and microchip-tested before any sitting is performed – to find out more about dog sitting training, click here.

What if I own a dog that is not allowed to sit outside? You will need to purchase and install a leash or harness for your dog.

If my dog goes over the designated zone, will the owner be penalized? If an owner exceeds the zone in his or her regular hours, the dog may be removed, the dog may be destroyed and any fines will be refunded. In these cases, the owner does not have to take action. The ordinance does not provide additional citations for dogs who go beyond the allotted area.

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What should I do if my pet is on a leash and my neighbor has called the police? If a dog is on a leash, please remain inside your building and keep your dog leashed. You should always keep your dog under control at all times and call 911 right away if your pet shows aggression.

Why is my neighbor’s dog off leash? Usually your neighbor’s dog is off leash due to a pet adoption. There is no obligation to keep your dog on leash if your dog has just purchased or adopted a pet from the City. If you would like to see a pet adoption, click this link. If you do decide to keep your dog on leash, please remember, your animal is your responsibility and you are responsible for all daily activities with your pet. If you do not see your neighbor’s dog on leash because he is off leash at this time, please contact the City Animal Warden by calling (541) 735-5200 ext. 812 from Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Please allow ample time for their response to determine if the dog is properly micro chipped and to have them make arrangements to pick up your pet within 48 hours. As a reminder

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