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Image caption The BBC has now found seven former BBC executives who have committed serious misconduct in relation to their work

The BBC says it is “deeply concerned” after seven former BBC executives have been found guilty of misconduct.

Some were at the top of the corporation for more than 35 years and others stayed on until the end of their careers.

Some executives admitted they were aware of child abuse and paid up to £250,000 in the 1980s.

Nine executives were also found to have breached a statutory code of conduct.

Former BBC director Richard Lloyd, chief executive of BBC Worldwide, and general managing director Mark Thompson were one of them.

They were also found to have failed to report to a regulator on issues in the UK TV station BBC1’s Newsnight programme in 2007.

One former BBC executive, who has also committed misconduct in relation to BBC TV, was found guilty of not reporting to a regulator in a similar case, the BBC has said.

A spokesman for the corporation said: “We are aware that we are at significant risk of breaching a statutory code of conduct we agreed to sign.

“We are already discussing any future changes to the rules we will have to implement, and will be in full consultation with the commission about these matters.”

‘Possibly illegal’

The BBC said: “We are deeply concerned by those cases and take action when we find cases of misconduct.

“We are investigating the former BBC executives and the cases in Northern Ireland and England to determine the full extent of the breach.”

BBC1: When TV took over

BBC1: The Story of TV, BBC ONE’s flagship radio programme, became the second TV programme in the UK to take over from Radio 2 in November 1998

Ahead of the start of the new millennium, the BBC had only been broadcasting in the UK for 27 years – meaning any mistakes must have been by the BBC and not by its stars

The corporation launched BBC One in September 2000, but was forced into a series of costly cost-cutting measures that were intended to save £30m over the coming years

BBC One’s flagship series was The Newsround – but the corporation had to pull the final episode on 28 June 2001 after it became a financial failure

However, there were many episodes of a number of different topical series including Newsround, Newsnight: A Personal History, Newsnight: The Secret War, Newsnight: From Crime to

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