Do I need a license to sell animals? – Cute Names For A Pet Business

You need a license if you have more than two animals. To sell more than two horses, let’s say to sell a horse for the equivalent of $25,000, you would need a license to sell a donkey. That is, you must have a license to sell a horse and a donkey by the same age or license to sell a donkey.

What is a “free animal” and how often is it legally allowed before I have to get a license?

The animal you sold is considered a free animal. In other words, it is legally yours, although the person who gave it to you could not have known its legal status. This usually does not apply to people who are selling food products. For example, if you sell chicken, you should have a license (this applies only to chickens) but you must register yourself as a hen farmer in the municipality (the municipality is a municipality in Romania).

Note that the law says that if a person has a commercial market, any animal sold is a free animal. Note also that you need to make a separate record containing a statement on which information is not allowed (the statement, which is used together with the animals’ data, is called the ‘Animal’s Register’) and which information is required. For example, if you sell two ducks, keep a separate record with this statement and the ducks’ records.

In addition, be aware that the register also has information about the sale of other items, such as clothing or books. Therefore, if you sell, say clothes, that you need a separate record with the information on sales of everything, and those on clothes specifically.

Can I use an “informal trading agreement” in conjunction with a license?

Yes. A form entitled “Agreement for the trade in goods in one town and in goods of another town with the purchase of certain animals” is needed. It tells the authorities that an exchange of products is being negotiated between two villages of greater population, in this case one town and the other one, within the borders of the village between which there is a trade. At the bottom of the form, in brackets where it reads ‘for the trade in’ it lists both names of the towns.

In addition, the form also includes “for the animals and the register”. If someone was trading between two farms, they would need a form with these two items as well.

Another kind of agreement is the one for the exchange of books (a “contract

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