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A: “Pet shops make money by offering a free pet and pet-friendly food, accessories, toys and activities. Most of us have cats and dogs, so we want to keep them happy and healthy.

“Most of the people who go to Petco are not in it for pet purchases, but just because they came in because they were in a hurry (for whatever reason).”
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Q: What’s wrong with “free?”

A: The name implies pet shops are free of any sort of cost.

“Free” is, in reality, just a common marketing phrase. The cost is the charge, not the item.

Q: Does “pet” have any significance in the local language of this region?

A: There are quite a few small pet shops, but most of them speak English.

Q: What does it mean for businesses to be “pet-friendly”?

A: “Pet-friendly” means businesses and public accommodations are free of: animals, pet shops and even dogs and cats as well as any animals or pets that were in the store when they went to buy a pet and or pet-friendly food.

So if a company sells a pet-friendly food and a pet-friendly bag and they are free of any animals or pets in the store.

Q: Who gives a business a license to let pets in their store?

A: Local regulations on pet-friendly stores are not yet very strict and vary by city and county.

The Los Angeles Department of Animal Services, the county’s largest animal welfare agency, has a code which specifies that any business licensed to sell pets within the city of Los Angeles must abide by specific regulations related to pets.

The code does not include a specific code on the number of animals that cannot be brought into a pet-friendly store and the length of time allowed to stay on a pet-friendly property.

However, the county’s Office of Business & Housing, which handles the licensing of businesses, has issued guidelines which cover pet-friendly stores and a dog walking store in particular and a pet hospital in the same area as “pet-friendly” stores.

These policies apply to other businesses that sell “pet” including a veterinarian clinic, hair braiding, an orthodontic office and a “pet-friendly” pharmacy.

Q: How do I go about registering a “pet” store?

A: Many online pet

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