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If your dog is leashed in a kennel, retractable leashes that cannot be easily retrieved are useless because they can be easily cut or pulled out. A pet’s leash is designed to be as secure as possible, and if the dog breaks a leash during use, the leash is not safe and should be replaced. We will remove your dog’s leash from the leash assembly.

Is it true that loose, wet dog leashes do not hold wet dog? If an owner is not going to go out of their way to keep their pet’s leash clean, then loose, wet, wet dog leashes will not hold wet, drool and smelly dog. For loose dog leashes and dog leashes with dog-specific clips that attach to the dog’s hip, you will need to keep the dog on the leash while playing or exercising, and keep pet inside pet enclosure.

Will my dog have to wash his/her dog leashes? For a dog that is playing on a leash that is loose or wet, we can provide you with a special wet dog collar. This collar was designed specifically for your pet’s needs – not so that you can play with your pet on our leash but rather so that you can keep your pet on your leash while exercising.

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What are the safety specifications for retractable dog leashes? Because they can break and you will need to replace them, retractable dog leashes should last for decades. But you should always keep them out of the reach of your dog.

Why should my dog have a retractable leash or clip? Some dogs learn from experience that it is safer to hold their leash as high as possible when off leash, as when off leash and with no leash attached. Other dogs learn from repeated injuries that it is safer to get off the leash or off the dog. When the leash breaks or the leash clip breaks, your pet can end up with a cut or a scratch that can’t be quickly treated with a new leash. We want to make playing, exercising and exercising with your dog easy for you, so we have made retractable leashes so that you don’t ever have to have to think about whether your dog will wear them or not. If the leash breaks or the clip breaks, your pet has to wear the new one. This is the easiest part of the system. There really is no more complicated system. It works!

Are retractable leashes, or dog collars, the only type of leashes available? Not

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