Do you need a license to own a pet store?

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Pets of Maine

How you choose to raise a pet varies by local ordinance and the community you live in. Most cities and counties that do have ordinances or codes about animal breed, size and age are not strict about who can or cannot run an animal shelter, who can raise a pet, and who can care for an animal. While some towns may have ordinances that you can’t follow, you will have the legal freedom to decide the way your animals live and your responsibilities as an owner of your furry friends. Most Maine counties have no restrictions on owning pets, although some areas may have local ordinances that you could be subject to or fines for violating.

If you’re working toward owning a pet, these resources may take a toll. You can find out more about the laws in your area by visiting local animal control agencies, local animal advocacy organizations, local shelters or by talking with Maine veterinarian or other experts. Find Maine animal laws that apply to pets through a list here.

Pet stores and pet stores in Maine

Owning a pet can be confusing to many people. There are a few requirements for owning a pet shop, but it is important not to become overwhelmed by the information. Learn about pet stores in Maine.

Other resources

Check out our pet store directory. Search for pet stores and find out how to start one of your own. Read what it means to have a pet shop license, and how the Department of Agriculture handles the license applications. Find out more about the Pet Store License Review. Read the law regarding pet stores with the Pet Store License Report, which includes statistics on pet shop owners and the law.

Ask a Maine resident or businessperson how to get a pet license and how to care for an animal.

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