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Image copyright AFP Image caption The new law would allow teachers to face up to life imprisonment

Russia has introduced stringent legislation in an attempt to deal with criticism of the ruling party.

Education Minister Alexander Tkachyov signed into law a measure to ban teachers from being able to engage in “unnatural acts”.

In December the BBC’s Nick Thorpe reported that a controversial speech given by the education minister, Igor Shuvalov, at a gathering of teachers in the Black Sea city of Sochi had been aired on a Moscow TV station.

It had been widely reported that Mr Shuvalov had said Russia should put an end to the “dopey, fat, hypocritical people” who had brought “disease and destruction” to the country and that they were “killing young men” in schools.

Mr Shuvalov said only people who belonged to the government-linked Communist Party were allowed to criticise the party.

Mr Tkachyov – who has been accused of being part of the current leadership’s “fringe group” of oppositionist, nationalist hardliners – was also widely criticised for his controversial comment in response to one question on an election election question.

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He said: “We are going to create a society where people will not die in prison and people who come out of prison will get jobs. I am convinced of this”, the BBC’s Nick Thorpe reports from the capital, Moscow.

The law, which is named after Aleksandr Borisovich Yakovlev, was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin.

“This is a significant step. After all, Putin himself promised, not once, not twice, and not even three times in an interview, but once, on several occasions that those in power must accept the fact that a part of the Russian population is not content with its leadership,” Andrei Kolesnikov, the Moscow lawmaker who co-authored the bill, said.

Another bill, which was passed by the Duma, a lower chamber of the country’s parliament, will force the state broadcasting company Rossiya 24 to withdraw the television broadcast of a controversial documentary on Mr Putin, our correspondent says.

In November, Rossiya 24 banned Mr Putin’s critics from appearing on its broadcasts, citing fears about possible violence on air.