How can I get my dog into modeling?

Dogs need to be socialized to become interested in modeling, so you need to meet certain time and location specific requirements to get your dog into the modeling world!

For many of our dogs, we require at least 12 months of socialization to get him going. Some people have the patience for an 8-12 month commitment to get their dogs into modeling in the industry, but most people simply need to find models that meet their dogs’ specific requirements of time commitment, location, etc.

When and Where to Go!

There are so many other opportunities for your dog’s career in the modeling industry, they’re impossible to name them all.

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What Do I Look For in a Dog?

Here at Bambi, we know that dogs are a huge part of your dog’s story. A good dog is a loving companion who will follow instructions and provide their owner with all of the necessary information to provide for their pet.

A dog that meets our criteria, would be the right fit for any dog that is looking to pursue a career in the modeling industry.

For me, the first thing I look for a dog to be is an easy-going, trustworthy young dog who’s friendly and will do the bidding of his owner. They also need to be smart and smart-tempered.

To find the perfect partner in life, keep in mind that dogs that have learned and developed the proper social behaviors are the ones to watch for. They have not shown any aggression in the past and may have other behaviors they need to be watched for.

To me, a good dog is very attentive, loving, loyal and confident in his owner. This is because the quality of care and attention the owner provides with their dogs is just as vital as the breed, size and temperament.

What are the other characteristics I look for in my dog?

The breed and personality are just two of the many things we’ll look for when choosing a dog. This will be the determining factor in deciding on your dog’s exact type.

A dog with a very energetic disposition can thrive in a busy work environment, but a dog that’s more timid, fearful or standoffish might find a more secluded lifestyle preferable for work environments.

Dogs with a hard drive for their training and an insatiable curiosity about the world also thrive in the demanding industry.