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“The American government is the supreme court of the land. It’s called the Department of Justice and it’s called the FBI. There’s always something going on.” – Eric Holder

“The FBI is supposed to stand on the sidelines of war. When we engage in war, all we do is tell the people involved in war, ‘we’ve got to get this over with.’ We do this with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of effort. When we try to get the job done ourselves, we’re constantly criticized. If we fail, the blame is assigned to some other agency.” – Director James Comey

It’s not just the FBI, however. The Department of Defense is also a major player in the War on Terror. In other words, all U.S. military interventions tend to work together. If the U.S. was truly concerned about its domestic security, it would put the people on the ground inside Iraq and Afghanistan first. But that’s not what the U.S. is doing. Instead, the U.S. is constantly at war in both countries. These war theatres have resulted in massive losses, and the numbers aren’t dropping any time soon. The Department of Defense is the primary source of funding for U.S. military operations in both countries. It’s no wonder then that these wars are not getting better in the U.S. The Department of Defense doesn’t have to admit that it supports these wars. It just does, and it refuses to do so.

The following is from David Vine from The Daily Sheeple:

According to a new report by a Pentagon watchdog group, Congress is funding the war in Afghanistan despite the Pentagon’s refusal to release “operational guidance on the U.S. military’s campaign in Afghanistan.” What’s more, the Pentagon doesn’t even tell Congress about the war, much less share the results of the war with the public. According to The Associated Press, the Pentagon has refused to turn over to Congress any “operational guidance” for the war in Afghanistan that isn’t already

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