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I’ve got a few tips for starting your business in your backyard that hopefully will have you on your way to getting your own dog a professional haircut. It’s a common misconception that a dog salon can’t handle all dog grooming needs, but most of the time, a good set of grooming tools and a good pair of shoes (with a heel) help you out immensely.

There are definitely challenges with starting your own dog grooming business because you’ll need to find a location with enough room for the clientele that will allow you to run the business. You’ll also likely need to learn the ins and outs of running a business and finding financing, especially if you have limited operating revenue. You do have to keep in mind that you’re running a pet grooming business for a living. That means getting some training and that there are some things you have to stay on top of if you hope to succeed.

How do you start a dog salon?

Step 1: Get your dog’s health tested.

Your dog will be one of your many clients and this will be a good place to start for you to test their health and well-being. Some veterinarians will conduct a health exam on the family pet to determine if they are well-formed enough to work with your business. This will not necessarily be expensive, but your dog owner will also be paying a visit and, in some cases, the vet’s visit will come with an appointment at your salon.

Step 2: Find the best dog groomers.
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There are many different dog groomers in town and some of them are better than others. There’s also a wide variety of styles to choose from. Check out this handy guide to compare and compare the different styles of dog groomers.

Step 3: Find a great clientele in your area.

Finding a clientele requires time and a lot of work. You’ll only be able to get the clientele that you want if you’ve got a large and devoted group of customers. This can be hard, but it’s not impossible. The first step is to find your best clientele where you can work a busy business and where you can focus on the more valuable work on your dogs.

Step 4: Make that dog look great.

Many dog owners feel it’s worth the extra work to get their dog in the best shape. Many owners spend hours in the grooming room looking at the dog’s body to ensure it’s properly groomed for their dog

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