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When you meet them, the best you can do is ask them how they are, if something is off, or if they like or hate something—and then walk your way there, assuming that they enjoy it.

The second question—that of “What is your purpose in life?”—will inevitably come up. This is the first step toward understanding your role as a teacher. You will likely be asked if you are seeking guidance, purpose, or happiness; and, if so, where is that guidance coming from?

In general, what will come to the surface are three primary areas:

The First Is Where You Find That Guidance Is Needed…

The First Step in Your Journey Toward Self-Discovery

The Second Is Where You Seek To Give Meaning To It All.

…And Where Your Purpose As A Teacher Can Take You To
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The Path Of The Good Shepherd.

A lot of people are afraid to do this work. For one thing, they’re afraid that doing it will mean that the teacher of their life will feel that they are in the position of saying, “You are not a good Shepherd.” For another, their fears are based on the traditional beliefs that in being a Shepherd one is only good because they have an “overly strict” religious order in their world. If this were true, wouldn’t all people be good Shepherd’s?

Well, not necessarily. Most of us have a set of beliefs based on our culture and personal circumstances. These beliefs don’t necessarily determine whether we are a good Shepherd, but they influence how we feel about other people. If you are a “good Shepherd,” you don’t like people. If you are a “great person,” people are good. If you’re a “bad person,” then people are bad.

Now that we’ve looked at a little of what each of these four questions is asking, let’s go through them one by one so that you can better understand them and what you can then do with them.

I think these questions should begin as simple as possible, so that you can give your answer to each question honestly and honestly. Here are the questions and how to answer them

What’s the relationship of love to understanding your world? What is the relationship of love to what goes on in your world, and how does knowing about life’s problems influence the way you interact with your world? How do you live your life? Who is your companion, and what is

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