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I’m a big animal lover, and I live with animals a lot in my free time. If you live with dogs, or are involved in a local animal shelter, I would advise you to adopt a dog, or better yet, adopt a cat at a reputable shelter in the area. They are the best place for you!

What do you do on your off hours?

I am currently working as a trainer for the Toronto Police Service and my day, and my family, mostly revolves around my dogs as their primary focus.

Tell us about your dog’s previous owners. Did they make him successful or did he suffer for years when a friend neglected him? Why did he get into such a bad situation in the first place?

He was raised completely by me. We had a big old man with cancer who took him for care for a year, while I was taking care of my husband’s cancer. I knew him to be a great person and I always had high expectations of my dog.

What advice do you have for someone wanting to do the same?

There are so many people who have adopted from shelters, or from people who knew the dog’s previous owner, and so many are so overwhelmed with the number of dogs on the street and how overwhelmed they are that they just go through their process of adoption. Don’t be overwhelmed until your dog shows you what’s wrong. If they do well, ask questions and you should know why.

What’s your favorite place to take a dog?

I have 4 dogs (the oldest 4 are my dogs and the older 2 are my cats) all with their own personalities and needs. The dogs I love most are these:

Dakota (he’s the oldest)

Harrison (my younger ones)

Sally (my 5 month old baby)

Chad (my 4 year old)

What would you tell an adopter new to the shelter to help them find a home for the right dog?

Try to be realistic, if they are the right dog, you don’t have to wait for months for an adopter that you love, it’s possible to have one within 2-3 weeks. You don’t have to be the best dog, just a best dog, if they’re right for you. Adopt a dog who you can take to your children, or be a pet sitter or walk them to school, you do not need to be a master

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