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As a first step, you should know whether you can safely take another dog with you to the airport.

The short answer: If you live in the United States, you can bring it onto the flight. But do not bring other animals.

This restriction is on the Department of Transportation’s part. The FAA only has control over pet restrictions, not dogs. In general the dog could land on the runway if it meets the general rules, and the animal’s owner could legally take it with him into the terminal.

Dogs with rabies. For animals that are rabid, the FAA requires a dog with rabies vaccination before you can take it on board a commercial air tour, for example, a flight from San Francisco to Boston or to Miami. If you have the rabies vaccination and the animal is outside the United States, you cannot board the plane.
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Babies. The same rules apply to babies with all other diseases, but if you are flying to, from or within the United States with a live infant, you should call the airport’s Animal Center.

Travelers. Dogs are not allowed on passenger jets. But they can be kept in special areas on domestic flights (such as dog carriers), which are called kennels.

If you get sick or injured while using a kennel, contact the airport. The airport has a list of veterinarians who are trained to handle dogs and animals with special needs.

Dogs in a pet room are allowed to go into the kennel on the ground level if it is fully enclosed and clean, and if a veterinarian approves it, although you may have to go through security and check in for a few hours.

Dogs in a crate on a flight from another country are usually allowed to go into the crate immediately. However, if your plane is already arriving in the United States, you may be asked to remove the dog from its crate before taking off. The airline may ask if you’d like to return (by car or by bus), and you will need to show the airline that you are coming back with a crate and proof of ownership.

If it does not seem right to you that flying with a pet, it may not be too difficult for you to find another home in the United States. If you’re going to the United States for a short time, or not planning to come back, you may be able to keep the pet in the United States for one or two weeks before it needs

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