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With dog walks, there isn’t really an easy answer, but with a bit of research you can get some interesting insights. For starters, it’s important to keep in mind that each dog is different. Some dogs are big and full of energy but can’t be expected to enjoy walks on his own, and vice versa. Others may shy away after a long walk but may benefit with some gentle exercise or a few times in the pool. Some dogs like exercise and the company of other dogs but may not like walking alone.

But all dogs can be walked by a couple of people for several hours. In fact, our research also shows that dogs walk shorter distances when walked with others or even in groups of two or three than when alone.

If you can afford it and the dog enjoys the process, here are some tips.

A. Make sure the dog is comfortable in the shoes and harness you use. When the dog’s feet are on the ground, he’s less likely to have back or hip pain or to get his feet wet.

B. If the dog is new to walking, it’s a good idea to walk him several times before trying to introduce him to full-contact walkers like the Dog Jogger.

If the dog can’t stand the walk, a small plastic puddle can be placed in the area for him to jump in as he gets comfortable, a water bottle can be added for him to play-fill in or even a pillow can be attached to her harness for a gentle nudge when she’s tired.

C. Most dogs will need to be exercised just enough to exercise their paws as much as possible. For instance, some dogs require walking to maintain health, while others require constant exercise as well to keep their backs from hurting from lack of muscle tone.

D. In a walk with friends, try going for short intervals. If you’re too timid to do that by yourself, it should be an easy task for someone else to assist you. Even better, try a combination of walking and playing with the dog.

E. A walk is not only about exercise of the feet. Some dogs enjoy the company of others or even the company of other dogs. But even when they’re happy for the company, they don’t like walking alone after they’re finished. Many dogs will even shy away if the walker gets too close and that’s just not an attractive option at all.

F. Take note that it’s also

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