How much do dog sitters make a day? – Pet Care Business In India

The average daily wage for dog sitters has grown dramatically over the past 20 years because dog sitting is now a professional occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 1980, the national average monthly wage was $27 for men and $27 for women. In 1987 the average monthly pay for dog sitters was $35.

How much do dog sitters make in other states?

The average daily wage for dog sitters in Arizona is $20 per person, although wages can vary tremendously depending on where the dog sitter lives.

Do dog sitters make less money in rural areas?

Yes — even in rural areas with no dog-sitters. An example of this is in South Dakota, where average weekly wage for dog sitters in 2001 was slightly more than $13. In South Dakota there were 13 counties with an unemployment rate of less than 5%, a ratio that makes it less likely that people who live in those counties are employed.

How do dog sitters make on the street?

For more information about dog sitting on the street, see Dog Sitting on the Street

What type of pet sitters are available?

There are two types of dog sitters: animal sitters and person sitters.

The average pay for an animal sitter (or Pet-Sitter) is $9 an hour, and the average pay for a Pet-Sitter is $26 to $30 an hour. An employee of an animal shelter may also earn more than the minimum wage by working for another animal shelter.

The average pay for person sitters (or Pet-Sitters) is about $12 an hour, and the average pay for a person sitter is $30 to $38 an hour.

What pay options do dog sitters have?

There are three options available for dog sitters:

Own an individual pet sitter

Own a team of pet sitters

Own an animal shelter that also employs person sitters

How much do people earn in dog sitting?

The average hourly wage for dog sitters varies from $7 to $9. If you work for a local animal shelter, there may be more flexibility in your pay schedule: if you are a Pet-Sitter you can often sit for up to two people at a time.

Other types of jobs in the workplace pay $7 to $13 per hour.

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