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The average monthly wage for a full-time pet sitter in California is $21.25 per hour (California employers are required to provide at least a half-time job when an employee has dependants). Pet sitters in this salary range are needed daily by owners, and they care for their pets 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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How much do pets deserve?

Pets have no inherent moral value. All they are is animals with a desire to be loved. All animals have a right to be loved just as we love our friends and loved ones. We believe that the responsibility to ensure your pet’s happiness is yours, and all other animals are deserving just as much. When you give a pet your love, you are helping them live a long, happy and peaceful life, and are also supporting the greater good.

Pets also have the potential to be beneficial to our communities and our environment. The average age of a pet is four years old (California is only six months old), and 80% of all pet deaths among newborns occur in the home. In 2006, the total pet care costs for the entire US was $5.7 billion and that equates to 15% of the gross domestic product. A single pet is responsible for one-third of the litter of all pets that are adopted. All of these numbers lead us to believe that pets are worth every penny invested in them.

With that said, when you bring your pet to life, there is a cost. Pets are not merely physical toys; they must also be well-behaved, properly trained and cared for. Pet lovers should never assume that their pet will be happy if they don’t care for their animal properly. For this reason, pet sitters have strict liability insurance. For more information, visit
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How do the pet sitters you work with help you get to know your dog better?

When you know your dog well, you can be more comfortable with him, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help with your dog’s behavior. The difference between a calm dog and a raging mad dog can come down to how your dog behaves when he’s bored, stressed or angry:


While dogs should always be free and clear of all distractions

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