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When you think about it, pet groomers can charge anywhere from $25 to $100 per day for some of their services. The cost will vary depending on your area, what kind of hair you need, what type of pet you want to look after, your level of experience, and other factors.

How much do pet groomers charge me for my pet’s teeth cleanings?

Some pet groomers offer pet teeth examinations, but other shops don’t. Some of them will get your pet to eat something for 15 minutes before the visit, but others will give the cat or dog a treat after the examination.

Pet Grooming & Dental Treatment Services and Prices

Grooming Costs

Dog Grooming – Grooming costs vary by the area where you are so always contact the pet groomer you will be working with when planning your schedule.

Dog grooming services will vary from 10-25% of the dog’s price depending upon the grooming services the groomer needs to give you to achieve the best results. It usually is not worth it to do your teeth cleaning without a service at a reputable pet grooming and dental treatment place.

Dental Treatments

Pet grooming and dental treatments aren’t expensive by themselves unless you are expecting a lot of work like when a pet is healthy again, or if your pet needs a full teeth clean.

Dentist Dentistry
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Dentist dentistry is often given as a free service but is rarely necessary.

Dentist cleaning for dogs usually goes in the 10-20$ range depending on your town and the city you are in. Some cities actually have a discount for dentists for their dentistry.

Pet Dental Treatment

Pet Dental treatment services can be expensive depending upon your area and what type of pet you have, the size of your home and what kind of dental procedure you do on your animals.

Dental treatment for dogs can range from 10% to 25% of your dog’s price.

Facial Treatments

It is not always advisable to have your pet undergo a full facial wash and flossing if they have any issues with their mouths. In small pets for example that is often not necessary as they do not have too many teeth that are used very often anyway.

Dogs have to be spayed or neutered as well, which can add a lot of dollars for your pet’s future upkeep.

Dental Work in Pets

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