How much is a pet shop Licence? – Pet Business For Sale Orange County Ca Tax Assessor

The cost of a Pet Shop Licence is $35 for a full licensed shop with a valid Business License.

Your annual Licence and Licence renewal will be issued for every 3 years or until the renewal period expires.

The Pet shops fees are based on your annual licence. The fee is also included in your monthly rent.

You do not need to renew your pet shop licence every year or for every renewal as with a shop licence.

Your pet shop licence is valid for 1 year (6 months) and can’t be cancelled at any time after issuance.

You can be a pet shop member without a licence

It is not required for your pet shop member to have your pet shop license at all as it is more convenient for pet shop members when you do not have to run the business yourself.

However, it is recommended you do check with your club member’s office when buying your pet shop license if you are planning to do so to ensure the best interests of your business are not compromised.


For queries regarding your pet shop licences or pet shop charges, call us on 1800 771 074 or email [email protected]

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