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It all depends on where you live, so for example, if you live in Dublin, you might need a licence which entitles you to take up to 5% of all zoo animals.

If you live in Waterford or Cork, you’re probably better off just buying this new car. Or alternatively, if you live in Galway, you still have to pay a car licence, which is just 1.25% – which can put you off as a driver.

Is the price cheaper because of the change?

It’s not really, although you might pay a bit less if you go shopping on the high street. Your current car licence will still get you all the essentials, from insurance to the fuel included in your licence price. The most important one being you don’t need to have a learner’s permit, although you will need to get one to be able to drive in England (if you live outside the UK). It’s still possible to get driving instruction.

What are the driving restrictions?

It’s your responsibility to drive responsibly (although the driver may not have any clue). The driving restrictions for a new driver are as follows:

You must be 21 or over if you’re under 18, unless you’re over the age of 14 and have an excuse

For example, if you’re aged 16 or 17, and live in Ireland, and your parents let you drive in Ireland, but you’re legally over 18 and you don’t have a driving licence, you can’t drive.

If you’re under 21 and live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you must always have a road test at least once a year and must obey all traffic laws

So for example, if you’re 12 or 13 when you go to your local GP, and you find out you’re 16, and have an excuse not to have a road test, you might well be driving with no licence – because you would never be able to pass a road test!
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But this is very specific, and you’ll need a medical certificate for all cars here, which isn’t included in this guide. Here’s how that works – although it’s still an individual driver situation.

You do need to register with traffic police at 18. You’ll be issued with the ‘Proving Certificate’ which covers all new drivers here in Ireland, even if you’re under 21!

You’re also charged €125 for the test.

This means the minimum you’ll

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