How much is a zoo Licence?

If you’re the owner/manager of a zoo, please fill out the application form which can be completed online via our application form for zoo admission and check in. You may also apply for a licence online.

If you’re a member of the zoo management team, do not apply for a zoo licence as this will take too much time and is unlikely to be successful. Please apply to an office where the animal care and zookeeping duties are performed.

A zoo may not require you to apply online. Check-in at the zoo to gain a valid licence. In some circumstances a zoo may require a licence for some of their activities like swimming or operating a large motorboat at sea. In cases where you wish to apply for a zoo licence, please email [email protected] to discuss.

What we did this time:

The following chart is based on information from Dr. Michael Shermer’s book, Evolution and the Christian Faith:

The number of species that scientists have found:

Since “Aha!” moment in the 1950, humans have been able to find more and more animal species. That’s just the numbers, and they are not the same thing. There are currently more animal species found, in general, than species that have been detected in the fossil record. This is probably the best, most comprehensive list of known species, by far.

The number of species that scientists have already found, in the fossil record:

This was calculated by comparing the number of species we detected to the total number of animal species that have been found. This is only a “best guess,” because there may be a few missing species out there. There are too many species in the fossil record for this estimate to be 100% accurate, but it’s a good place to start.

The number of species scientists have found that have not been detected in the fossil record yet:

This is another best guess by comparing the number of species detected to the total number of species known.

Number of species where scientists don’t know if any have been found yet, but they think they will:

This refers to species that are only being found “for now,” because scientists haven’t found them yet. This is also a “best guess” because researchers have known for a long time that some species may have been lost over time, so these species may have just disappeared through natural processes.

How many species we’ve found that