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This is probably the most important one. Most people with dogs don’t think about what it is like to be a dog walker—especially if it is for a couple days a week, like ours. When you are a beginner, it is easy to think that running can be something you get for free.

It isn’t…

Most people who walk their dogs daily use it for exercise while spending time with their pets or with friends/family. Even if you know you are doing it regularly, the average dog owner needs time to acclimate to this type of lifestyle. That means you shouldn’t start thinking that it is easy to run for a dog walker.

Here’s why:

Your dog may be accustomed to being on a lead at the park…

…or running in the yard of their owner. Your family can’t run in the yard and leave your dog behind! It has to be a choice.

If you are trying to run for a dog walker, I don’t recommend waiting until you have a friend and even then, you may wish your trainer, guide, or groomer to help you.

But if you have a walker on a leash, get the leash. I recommend walking on a regular leash, even if your dog is a long-legged one. A walking dog who can get away with walking on leash may be able to walk much slower than a short-legged one, but a trainer can make sure your leash is tight and you use the most comfortable walking technique.

If you still wish to get your dog on a leash to walk, start with a leash you can carry with you when your dog isn’t on a lead. Even then it may take some time to figure out what your dog looks at when you don’t have a lead around the house or yard.

Some dogs are more accustomed to running on a lead and so, they may actually prefer walking on a “dog walker’s” leash than “dog walkers’ leash.”

The last thing you want is your dog thinking, “I am walking to the dog park?”
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Some dogs want to know where you are going and will do whatever it takes to get that information. Others just like to be around you and will leave you alone for that reason. But even if your dog is on the leash and is doing fine on a long lead, your leash may get a little longer, a little shorter, or more tight during the day

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