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If a dog is in temporary service with the United States Armed Forces for an extended period of time (at or above 15 days), all the costs of care of the dog need to be charged to the military service member’s military pay, which would include those costs for the dog and its care. However, if the dog has been retired, transferred to a family member, or is an animal adopted by another military family member, the costs of caring for the dog are not considered as permanent military service. For instance, a dog that is used primarily by law enforcement officials might be considered temporary service.

Examples of temporary military service

There are many examples of temporary military service. Examples include:

Service in non-standard military assignments (such as law enforcement or support functions). These are not considered permanent military duty.

Active-duty, active-duty-affiliate, and other active-duty personnel of the Armed Forces in non-standard assignments for more than 5 consecutive days. These are considered temporary military service by the military pay system for these circumstances

Military members who are absent for up to 3 months and are then reassigned back to normal duty to complete a short duration deployment. This is considered temporary military service.

Military personnel in training, for military training, or at least 6 months. For example, a reservist deployed with the Regular Army for 1 or 2 years. A member assigned to any post or branch of the Armed Forces for more than 3 months would be considered temporary military service for any of the above purposes

Members of the National Guard or reserve component for training, while on active duty.

The military pay system makes a two-tier structure, with service in the National Guard or reserve components counted as a service member, but active-duty service is not counted as a service member. This structure exists to ensure that soldiers and sailors who perform their military duty with the United States Armed Forces are in the same unit, even though they are based on the same state and perform similar duty.

Are active military members eligible for certain special-duty service?

You may be eligible for certain military special-duty service opportunities. The military pay system requires that service-members be enrolled in school at the time they qualify for service-based special-duty opportunities.

Special-duty service for members of the armed forces outside the United States of America

When serving abroad, you must be deployed for at least 8 years and in an authorized unit at the time the

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