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The answer could well be no. But that doesn’t mean dog walking is a bad job for a dog. It is probably better than most occupations and is more likely than most jobs for which a dog can live.

Dog walking may seem to be a job that requires little skill and is easy to give up, but it is not like farming. A farm is a very tedious and dangerous occupation, but a dog can live happily in it.

It is not so hard to get started in dog walking, though you will not be surprised when you find yourself doing it several times a week. There is a great deal of information on these pages about the benefits of dog walking and training in general.

Dog walking can be hard work, but you can do it and you can also enjoy it.

We also suggest some useful links that will help you make your dog walking a successful venture.

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What Are the Benefits of Dog Walking?

What are the physical and psychological benefits of dog walking?

Physical and mental benefits

1. Dogs tend to prefer dog-free places and to prefer quieter places. They like quiet and calm places to be alone.

In the summer months and in many large cities the human presence is usually very strong and dogs are more likely to get separated from their owners. The human presence tends to make them shy and fearful, and they may not enjoy places such as parks, gardens or small, secure yards where there are no people around. They prefer to have places that are quieter and private enough to keep them secure.

Dog owners may find it easier to find a calm place in a park, even though the park may be very crowded, than to seek to avoid that noise, which causes anxiety for their canine companions.

2. Dogs tend to prefer quiet and comfortable places. Dogs are drawn to quiet places because they are quieter and there is less chance of them getting startled. They are not easily startled.

The noise in a noisy environment makes the dogs fearful and shy, and if they are in a place where they feel unwelcome and fear is at the top of their list of things to avoid. A dog which is fearful, or anxious, will not be a good companion.

3. Dogs tend to prefer quieter and secluded places.

A house with a yard or lawn with shrubs and trees around it is a comfortable and quiet place for dogs to live. Dogs tend to prefer quiet places as well

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