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Self employed dog sitting jobs that include working as either dog sitters, walkers or sitters are legal in many cities and counties. In fact, many dog owners have said that in some cases they just like being around dogs because they are so much fun.

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Dog walking is a great career choice for many people who find life too stressful to be working for paid employment, particularly if their work is unpredictable and they are dealing with other stressful situations as well. Many people feel that they can handle a dog at all times and are satisfied with being employed to walk or sit a dog, especially if they get paid in the long run.

Some people find it difficult to work in a non-recreational and non-paid environment and would like to get compensated from their job. A lot of us believe that because a private company pays our salaries, we should receive the same for dogs.

The problem is, it’s a very controversial topic and there are some companies that don’t consider it legal.

There is no national organization or organization providing guidelines as to how much you need to pay and whether you even need to include it on your wages. Many people believe that if your job is paid, your own personal dogs are not part of the overall amount you could be compensated for. However, just like any other work, some employers believe that it is ok for your dogs to accompany you. When the law was brought on by the U.S. Attorney General’s office in the United State of Oregon, the law was changed to include non-recreational employees.

If you are unsure whether pet sitting is legal in your area, it is best to talk to your local pet sitter. Many employers won’t hire you if they know that you do not pay your dog sitters.

The most common problem we hear with self employed pet sitters is that they do not own a pet, but rely on their dogs, even if the dogs have been training for a long time to be dog sitters. If the dogs are under 2 weeks old, they still can be considered “dog sitters” unless you have specific requirements.

There are other issues as well. If the people you are working with take the dogs for walks or to the bathroom, some people claim it is considered a form of “boarding”. If this isn’t something you feel comfortable with then don’t do it. You will have to work the dogs harder. If your dog is doing the walk, it is

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