Is it illegal to have an unrestrained dog in a car?

You can have your dog in the front seat and rear seat of a car under certain conditions.
How can I change a registration? Answer:
Under certain circumstances – you can change the registration on the vehicle. If you are renewing, you must first use the “Change Registration” feature of your DMV website. If you are requesting a new certificate you will have to visit your local DMV office and pay a $10 non-refundable fee which includes a $2 early renewal fee.
How do I register my home? Answer:
All new or existing homes are required to be registered online by mail. All residences in California are included in the Online Registration Program . You must register online at no charge . You may register a home with up to four persons in your household. You may not register a home where only one person resides. You may register a home with up to four people but less than six persons, or three people and one pet . You may register up to two people in an apartment unit. In addition, you may register as many people as you wish in your home, provided you only have one person. If you live in a condominium or condominiums, you may register as many occupants as you like.
I have lost my registration. What can I do? Answer:
The registration system cannot be accessed without your authorization, so if your name or other contact information has been removed from the system, or you have attempted to register more than once, you should contact your local DMV office and complete a new Application for a Duplicate Registration form and send it by certified mail, return receipt requested.
What’s your website address? Answer:
Where can I view the Vehicle and Traffic Citation reports and a copy of the “Lost and Found”? Answer:
They are available online on the DMV’s Website at The reports contain the date, location, time from when it was found and an identification photo, as well as the registration and the location of the vehicle.
What does the new California law say about “Theft of Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles” and “Bicycle Lacking All Required Controls, Equipment, Certificates And Records” under SB 2? Answer:
This part of the legislation adds two new crimes to California’s criminal code, which was written in the late 1980s so as to have a shorter statute of limitations. For a theft of