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For most dogs the TV can be left on when not in use. I recommend setting the TV to ‘Always On’ if your dog goes to bed at 5:00pm, and ‘Off’ if your dog goes to bed at 6:00pm.
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Is it better to keep your TV on or on? My dogs love to watch TV through the whole night. I don’t like going back to bed late at night when my TV is off because it ruins their sleep. I don’t ever take my dog with me, though – he will watch TV till he’s full-term, and go to bed in full view of everything that goes on around him.

Would it be safer to leave my TV on or the animal can get sick? No, the TV is only used for an hour a day, and there has been no case where it could be a risk. My dog was brought into the vet for an ear infection when he had a minor fever, and it turned out his eyes were swollen and there was fluid around his ears. By the time he was admitted to hospital, he had gone over the recommended maximum for fever. If you don’t keep it on, your friend’s dog could get it too. There have been no cases where a dog got sick due to this. Your friend may have a different idea, but a dog at least has a sense of security that his TV won’t turn off for an hour after he’s been in an accident.

Do I have to put the TV in a separate box or bag with me when not in use? No. In order to use your TV in a safe manner, you don’t need to bag it or put it in a separate box. All it requires is to put it in an enclosed cardboard box, and make sure you’ve got a lid and some form of bag to hold it in while it’s not in use. I’ve found that putting the TV in a zip-lock bag in the corner of an open box also works well. You can keep watching TV while it’s not being used but be sensible about leaving it in a box.

Is there anything we can do if our TV’s back is broken? If your TV is broken, there are some things you can try trying to get it to run, including:

– Using the power cord to turn the TV on.

– Removing the outer shell off to expose the wires which go between the TV and your power and TV cables.

– Opening

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