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It is your dog’s right to stay in the room alone while he watches TV. But in the event that he does not, you or your dog may remove the TV to prevent your dog from seeing the other person watching TV, which could be a cause for concern. It is best to leave TV on for your dog if he is at home alone or with you and does not want to go out. For the same reason, it is best to leave television on when you are gone, so that your dog will not miss out on watching the other person watching TV for their dog. There is a specific rule for dog behavior. If you are going to leave the TV on while your dog is alone, it must be set to auto-off by the manufacturer or by the person setting up the equipment.

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(CNN) — This is one of those videos where you can’t help but feel that you’re the one who’s lying.

It’s the video shot by a bystander after he saw a man with his pants down in a public-park parking garage in Brooklyn. A few minutes later a woman approaches the man and asks him what’s wrong. The man then says, “This is crazy!” The woman then stops what she’s doing to give him a hand.

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But his pants were down. He’s holding a beer, which you see in the video. This isn’t your normal scene of being asked to step onto someone else’s private property, with people in the background trying to keep everything calm.

The video is not from a New York City camera. It’s the perspective of a bystander whose video he shot as he was following the suspect around the garage complex. He’s also seen telling police what’s occurred, which is what he’d been asked.

It doesn’t make your heart stop, but it does make you pause and wonder: Was it really necessary for a stranger who didn’t know him to point an object at him and follow him around the parking garage, especially in this situation?

We talked to a Brooklyn cop about the video and why the officer did what he did. He says he was simply following what he was instructed to do. The Brooklyn cop says the incident was under control at the time. The person in the video has not been arrested, though both are facing harassment charges.

When the United States was fighting a bloody guerrilla war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, the United

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