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The best mobile apps may seem boring, but these apps can help you earn money in several different ways. Apps listed here may have more in common with traditional brick-and-mortar stores than they do with mobile applications.

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An anti-LGBT organization has said it is launching an ad campaign in Kentucky against LGBT people, hoping to silence their voices.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a video Thursday (Nov. 11) on the company that owns a Louisville-area chain of gay-friendly clubs.

In the video, HRC members speak of their LGBT coworkers who were harassed over the holidays; they are forced to leave their places of work, as their businesses would be subject to new anti-discrimination laws if they wanted to continue hosting the places.

It’s a message similar to one the gay rights group gave the Cincinnati City Council, which is considering new rules against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

“The Cincinnati City Council is considering rules that could affect some gay-owned businesses in Cincinnati. The rules could prevent them from being open on Saturdays and Sundays,” the HRC posted in the video. “And that’s just how it is. When the city is trying to silence the voices of LGBT people and those like us, it’s time to stand up and help get them heard.”

On “American Morning,” HRC President Chad Griffin said that he thinks the new laws would be in conflict with “the free marketplace of ideas.”

“I guess it is a little bit ironic that a group that supposedly espouses equality for all doesn’t want freedom for all,” Griffin said.

Some of the businesses named in the video are gay bars like the Louisville Rock Inn and The Vibe Lounge. But the anti-LGBT group wants a boycott.

The Cincinnati City Council is considering new rules against discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Photo: Provided by Cincinnati City Commission)

“This is not the sort of group we are going to be participating in,” said Joe Burch, an anti-LGBT activist who is the director

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