What do I need to take to the zoo with a baby?

The more baby animals you have, the bigger the crowd will be. It will be less crowded than a traditional public zoo where everyone is in one group.

What do I need to bring to the zoo with a baby?

You will need your child’s passport, and you can purchase a children’s pass from the zoo. These children’s passes are for one person at a time but if more than one person wants one, you will need to bring the two forms together.

What do I bring to the zoo with a baby?

If you will be bringing a baby with you, you will need to bring your passport, and it is not necessary to bring your passport with you but you need a passport to travel with. (For those who are leaving the zoo on vacation this will be sufficient)

If you will be bringing a baby while visiting from the outside, you will need a passport.

How do I get there?

The most practical way is to take the Metro to central Jakarta.

From the metro station, take the exit 2 called Kupang and walk north for 0.8 miles to the zoo.

If you are returning to Jakarta, take the exit 6 near the Kupang and walk for 0.7 miles to the zoopla.

The zoo will be about 30-40 minutes from the airport, in about 30 minutes.

How is the zoo managed?

The zoo is located in a large zoo complex. A portion of it is public park, and the rest is private zoo area. Public park area is surrounded by trees and grass in the center. The zoo zoo in Jakarta is a large facility with a lot of space for animals and visitors. It is open all year round.

The zoo in Singapore is managed by the Singapore Zoo and Safari. They have several elephants, rhinos, lions, hippopotamuses and other big animals.

A big portion of the zoo is open to visitors to participate in activities and lectures for children.

How much is the zoo cost?

The price depends on the size of the visit.

For a group of 16 visitors, the price is P4200.

For a group of 32 visitors, the price P4000. For a group of 128 visitors, the price is P8050.

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What do I need for a child to attend the zoo?

A passport with your child’s date of birth.