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Canines that are used for working in the day time often prefer smaller cages and less room than large pets like cats, dogs or horses – they usually require less room for food and exercise. However, there are breeds of dog that are commonly used in manufacturing and processing who require ample room in which to run and exercise. Here are a few examples of these breeds that can be used for full time workers:

Lhasa Apso





Basset Hounds


Rottweilers are usually used in the pet export sector but are great for many industries and can be great for full time workers as they are very well mannered and love it.

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What breeds of dogs are not suitable for full time workers?

Canine Temperament:

Some breeds do not have temperament well, for example dogs bred to hunt or track. However, you need to remember: A dog will always perform best in a relationship with a family.

Dogs are intelligent creatures, and do have a tendency towards boredom.

Some dogs are naturally docile, whilst others will not tolerate people who do not follow proper training.

What’s involved in running a dog in order for him or her to meet with full time workers?

The first step is setting up a training and training environment that suit your dog.

Most training sessions start as a training session between your dog and his or her trainer. The objective is to train the dog to perform tasks that the trainer sets. This should include both working with the trainer and with his or her colleagues – and ideally, the trainer and other workers also have the same aims.

Once your dog is well-trained by the trainer and other workers, it is time to set up the “work room.” In this, the dogs will have their own space in which to perform tasks. This works best if you have a dog that fits into a regular work space, as your dog will be less likely to run out of bounds if he sees other people and places.

How much space do these workers need to have?

If workers are regularly working outside you or other people’s spaces you may want to limit the number of dogs in your work space to ensure that only one dog is needed to meet the needs of the job – which should also include enough room to move from one place to another.


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