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Here are a few recommendations for what is suitable for your dog:

Dogs that require longer or longer walks, longer walks in the winter or shorter walks in the summer are better suited to the work place.

Dogs are less likely to get sick or hurt than other pets on the job. This is one reason for choosing dog over cat.

Dogs are easier to take care of and have a better chance to thrive in the long run as there is no need to carry them around for extended periods.

Dogs don’t need to be well socialised yet! Once they learn to live in the workplace they tend to live very happily.

Dogs, especially if trained, are usually less tired or stressed, making them less prone to accidents and sickness.

What about working from home or part time?

Full time workers working from home are also more likely to be able to walk their dog.

While dogs do tend to be a bit faster than cats when it comes to short walks they can get used to them quickly if you teach them. This makes it very possible for any part time dog to fit in.

Some work sites and workplaces do have separate areas in which they allow dogs and cats.

However, many employers make it very clear to their staff that dogs and cats are welcome at work and should stay there.

The following are some other tips to help keep your employees happy at work:

Keep them informed, but also try to keep a certain distance between you and the dogs or cats.

Make a rule not to let the cats or dogs play near each other which will encourage you to keep them apart for the shorter walks.

If the dog is a large breed they can be left alone in their own area at work, and the cat or dog can be left free to keep an eye on the other animal.

Be sure to keep a distance between all household pets and keep your dog and cats separated. They can be a great team and you will be able to manage them much easier.

What about pet travel?

Pet owners tend to travel with their pets all the time and can be just as productive as a dog at work thanks to their own natural instincts.

However, if you work on a site with a limited number of pets then it is worth getting them trained before taking them on your trip or even before you travel to the destination.

As with your dog you should keep

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