What equipment do I need for dog walking business?

A puppy that is ready to walk in 5 minutes to 90 seconds! A puppy that can walk at least 2 feet a minute at an even pace and can walk in the right direction. They can be up and down walking, they can jump and play. They can walk with you one hour a week as you would walk their friends. A puppy should be healthy so that they can be comfortable with handling the human body to walk. A puppy should be a calm and calm dog, if they have a little trouble or struggle a little, they need to be taken to the vet to have them checked out. A puppy that can walk longer distances, with lots of exercise should walk for at least 2 to 3 hours a day, all or mostly indoors. A puppy that needs a walk outside, that would have to be spayed or neutered should have one done as soon as possible! And a puppy that has issues at the beginning of a job should be taken right on to the work site, even if only for a few days. A puppy should have a crate, a litter box, plenty of running room, food and water, they should have a blanket, a leash and some toys. All of these things can be learned from a puppy. So, what are a few basic things I can offer my puppy?

The First Aid Pack

A puppy should have an immediate kit, and a kit for all situations, so that he can be ready for any situation.

When he is ready to walk in 10 minutes, I can go over all the procedures and tips I have to offer him.

There is always a great need for the following supplies:

A water bottle with a lid.

Gels, Gels with lots of protein or a formula with good amount of calcium.

Dental floss, food sized.

Bath Bombs.

A dog walker’s kit, to take care of things at home that are easy to keep, safe and accessible.

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What do I see when I look inside the pups mouth?

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