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There is no set solution. And the same is true for anyone who wants to make money fast. There are plenty of apps to help with those.

After two years of work and development, the first beta version of Windows 10 is hitting PC gamers this morning.

The new release, and any updates over it, will be made available on November 7. Windows users will be able to start testing the software right after the beta is released, but we’re hearing there will be no public rollout.

What we know today
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Microsoft describes the new software update as “release candidate 1,” noting that it contains the final bits of the Windows 10 client.

The preview build is the first beta version of Windows 10, so it doesn’t address any known software bugs. However, it does include a number of changes, including a new way to create offline “fast ring” mode for devices.

The full release of Windows 10, which can be signed for by anyone around the world and will run on all kinds of hardware, will be made available later this year

How it runs

You need to be running Windows 10 to try the new software update. You’ll need an existing copy of Windows installed first. Once installed, you’ll be able to connect to the Internet and start surfing.

Windows 10 preview builds will make available to developers who don’t yet own a device running the software. Microsoft will also release a special “early access” version of the software for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 that lets them test some of the most controversial features.

Microsoft calls Preview for Developers a “experimental preview,” noting that it isn’t a final, stable version of Windows 10. It still runs some things, including Windows Store apps and system services, but the final version will be a completely re-built operating system.

It won’t be a Windows 10 Home license, although you can upgrade for free. To try the preview, you’ll need an existing Windows 10 PC.

Update: This post was updated to clarify that Preview for Developers is part of the Windows 10 Creators Update.

If you’d watched the “Daily Show” in the past year, then you’d probably already guess how good it is.

No, it’s not like John Oliver’s hilarious monologue about the political life and policy of the Democratic Party of Georgia this week.

In the show, a bunch of people watch “Daily Show” jokes and comments all day and then go back

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