What should I charge for dog walking?

We have had lots of emails and comments on prices which are all over the map but here is a rough guide:

1. Dog Walking Rates (all locations)

There are many locations across the UK. The most common is the central bus station which will be listed here. The hourly rate for walking dogs is usually £1.00. The prices are generally between £1.00 and £2.00 per hour. This rate is for the length of your walk, not for the duration of the walk.

2. Dog Walking Rates (All locations)

If you only plan to walk your dog for a short period of time you may want to book from the central station. If you are looking for a shorter walk the hourly rates will be a bit higher. There may be a fee for changing accommodation but it should be negligible and it generally covers the costs of your luggage being checked and luggage not found when you arrive and returns to the central station.
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For an all dog walk please see the listings at the top of the page.

3. Dogs Walking Rates – Stalls

If you are a professional walking dog owner with a stalls or dogs walking business, and are having problems with the cost of your walking dog walk.

There are several organisations that support professional walkers/companions, including the Dog Friendly Business Association which is run by professionals in the walker business sector.

It is important to note that they charge fees for additional care that may be needed so these fees include the cost of extra staff if the dog or pet is in the premises and the costs of grooming and veterinary treatments required.

These fees are usually around £10 for a standard walk (not all locations have a walk as part of their fee) and up to £15 to £20 depending on the cost of the rooms, or the number of rooms in your business.

You can read more about the fees and what a walk is supposed to cover at the Dog Friendly Business Association website.

4. Dog Walking Rates – Clubs

Most dog walking clubs offer a discounted rate. Some of the cheaper clubs to book by phone will have an online interface and the cost of the walk will be included as part of your membership.

When in doubt, book by calling ahead or try the Dog Friendly Business Association website.

5. Dog Walking Rates – Clubs – Special Events

In some very special occasions or events dog walkers often book a dog walking