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One of the earliest characteristics of a dog’s posture is as it moves through the world, its movement is zig zags. If a dog stops walking suddenly, it stops zig-zagging as well.

To learn more about zig zag, the video below shows the motion a dog makes when it stops zig-zagging.

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The president’s crowd sizes are, by definition, impossible to measure. His administration has spent a lot of time complaining about “fake news” that’s trying to mislead the public, yet the president himself repeatedly tweeted about the “largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, both in person and around the globe.”

If it were possible to make an objective estimate of crowd size, the Trump White House would use a combination of crowd estimates from various observers, crowd estimates from other inauguration attendance estimates and other crowd estimates. But crowd estimates from various observers seem to vary considerably — at least that’s what we can tell ourselves based on public statements and other statements. This post is my attempt to assess their results.

Before we begin, I have the benefit of working with an inside-the-Beltway organization, so I am a little better able to assess crowd measurements on behalf of people outside the White House. But it is also important to note that crowd estimates vary — and it should be noted that we are speaking from our own collective vantage point. We can’t use this data to make a judgment on what Trump’s numbers are: Our confidence is that his numbers are accurate. We don’t need someone else’s numbers — we just need our own data to confirm that the number of people in attendance on Inauguration Day matches his.

We are also constrained by timing. It would be useful to have a record of people who attended early in the morning on Jan. 20, but the president was inaugurated later than usual, meaning that the day of arrival for inauguration was much

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