Are Swing traders successful? – Stock Market Advanced Course

How do they make money with the most swings? These are the questions we want to answer for Swing Trader’s. We will break down their strategies and give you how to make your own swing trading strategy.

Before we start this journey to learn the secrets of Swing trading, our first guide to the swing trade we discuss the Swing Trader to understand what it is exactly. We then go into the swing trade to learn the basics of which stocks are trading like how a stock should be traded and how it compares to others. We can find that swing trading for a Swing Trader is very complex, complex it isn’t. What is the secret that lets them sell as much as they want based on the market, and to gain as much money as possible in a short time period? This is exactly what we’ll take apart and expose in this guide and guide you. This knowledge will give you the knowledge to succeed in this trade. So be warned, if you are not a veteran trader then this might be the wrong course of action.

How to Trade the Stocks of the World?

The first thing you must understand are the stocks of the world. As we know those companies don’t have all the assets that most people think they do. The idea for this guide is to break the stocks down into 2 parts, the stocks that are going to have the highest swings and the stocks that are going to have the lowest. To do this we break the top 1000 companies that are in the stock market down by 50 billion. The biggest market cap of the stock market is $7.6 trillion. All the stocks of the world will be represented. So, let’s take the stocks that are the best and have the biggest swings and sell them as fast as possible. After each sell, we will see how much money has already changed hands to get the best results.


The 2 most important stocks of the world that are going to have high swings are Apple and Twitter. The highest swings will be seen with Twitter. The first two tweets will have the highest swings on average of all of the first few swings that happened that day. On the next 10th tweet we will see how much money have changed hands. You need to decide to sell or hold the top 1000 stocks of the world to maximize profit for this trading strategy.


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