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Yes, trading stocks is possible, but not easy. Some simple rules can make it easier. It is also useful to try to avoid stocks in bad company. If possible, buy stocks that are below what the current stock price is. For example, if the stock is at $10, use your savings to buy at $6; if it is above $15, buy it from the cheap stocks. If the stock is on a downtrend, sell it. And remember: if you lose money on a large position you should always get out of it. And this is also true for stocks that are on a losing trend.

What about a stock index fund?

There are several funds that can index many stocks very well (such as the ETFs, which will help you avoid losses on any stocks that drop below a certain level). These funds are not as good for a beginner, but when the time comes, you may not have the luxury of choosing the right fund. If you’re thinking about this, try to avoid some of the more expensive Vanguard funds.

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What about rebalancing?

It is very important to rebalance your portfolio. To do this, you need to understand the stock market very well, and what actions you should take to correct this imbalance. Before we go to that, just put this into perspective: if you buy the same securities all the time, they will always move in the same direction. After all, they are just securities. Therefore, when you rebalance the portfolio, you are going to take different actions. Here, let’s take a look at two ways to change the market direction: one is always buy the same amount for one day, to prevent that stock from falling. Or else, the market can be moved to the right. The second is always buy at the wrong time (i.e., to buy a stock when it has fallen), and to reverse the trend of the market. The first is done to change the trend, but the second is done to change the direction. For most investors, you will be best using the first approach, because the market is moving in the right direction right now, so your actions will affect it.

Can I invest in mutual funds?

Yes, but there may be some situations when it is hard to do what you want to do. Many mutual funds are very expensive. Here, one must be able to live in them for longer than just 3 months. Moreover, the fund managers’

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