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No. You will owe interest on the new $300000 in new loans for up to three years, starting at the rate you paid for the old loans. You will lose the new interest rate if the new loan is not paid off before the new mortgage.

How long will I keep my existing mortgage?

You can remain in your current mortgage until 30 days after the loan is paid off or more than 180 days if you have a special event. If you leave your current mortgage on a date before your loan is paid off, you can pay off the loan at any time for up to 180 days. If you stop contributing to the mortgage in order to take out the special event, then your new mortgage will be automatically changed, but you will lose the savings on your new mortgage. This means that, for example, you could pay off your loan when the mortgage was at the original value of $2,000 and then choose to pay off the loan when the loan was now $4,000.

Where did my existing mortgage go?

If you took out a fixed-rate, 30-year loan, your existing mortgage will be automatically transferred to new mortgage, but you will be allowed to keep your existing property. For example, if you took out a 5-year mortgage, you will be required to choose the new property to which you will be transferred or you could choose to keep the old property.

If you took out a variable-rate, 30-year loan, your existing property will automatically be transferred to a new loan. For example, if you took out a 5-year mortgage, then the home you now own is going to be transferred onto the new mortgage if it isn’t already under the new name.

See the note below for possible options for your new mortgage.

Can I transfer the mortgage to a different lender?

No. If you don’t transfer your existing mortgage to a different lender, then you could choose to keep the old mortgage, but will lose some of the savings because you won’t be able to get the original cash back on your new loan. If you choose to stay on your current home, you will have to pay the new mortgage interest.

Note If your existing mortgage is a variable or fixed-rate mortgage, your payment could change by 20%, based on your payments history.

How should I pay off my mortgage?

The new mortgage rate on a 3.5 year mortgage is 2% for 15%

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