Can Slim swing trading? – Thinkorswim Swing Trade Setup

Is there any other way to trade down?

Slim, as I mentioned above, is going to have to be some sort of pick up in my opinion. I think there’s a chance that maybe in the next couple of years he’s traded a little or maybe taken a little flyer to land a mid to late first round draft pick that could become a stud.

A lot of people assume that there will be a trade up but I don’t believe that will be happening. I think he has a shot to come up and be that guy that makes the Nuggets better if he’s given that chance.

Does it make sense to you to have two starting guards? He can play both ways and take over game-calling duties from both Wilson Chandler and Ben McLemore?

Both guys are playing great right now but they have their limitations. McLemore needs to be more aggressive and he hasn’t showed the ability to do that yet.

As far as playing both ways is concerned, I don’t see that ever happening. I can just see him getting better and more comfortable when he has the opportunity.

If we were to have to pick a starter, would you choose Wilson because he is better at the 4 position or McLemore because he can shoot from the perimeter?

I do think Wilson is more athletic and I think he would give them more versatility in the back court, especially if he can play power forward. On the offensive end, he is still a project so I think either player makes the team.

Speaking of a 4, where do you see the Nuggets at with their roster at the end of the season? Right now, with the injuries and draft prospects and how do you see the Nuggets position to be at their maximum?

I think that we will be at a very good level to start the season because the talent is deep. I believe they have two more players who will have a decent chance. However, at the beginning of the season, it is important for us to find the right lineup and then get everyone in place. If it isn’t there at the start of the season, I feel like the Nuggets will struggle to find their way.

Do you like that they have a young coach? Do you have the belief that he will turn it around quickly?

I do. I know from talking to him that he is a very driven individual and I’m very excited that he will be back with the Nuggets. I hope that this will

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