Can Slim swing trading?

Slim has built a very strong and profitable business in the US. The company recently announced plans to open a facility in the UK, and it has a good foothold in European markets. The company has sold more than 600,000 pounds worth of contracts since it established itself. Its share price has been around £25-30, so it’s easy to understand why Slim wants to trade here.

If you believe that Slim could create a substantial loss on its UK investments, that could add up to around £200m before accounting tax. There are a few other issues to consider too. For one, many of the trading strategies are based on the assumption that Slim will be trading US dollars. As such, the trading costs will be significantly higher. Another issue is the potential impact on dividends. If an investor buys US dollars, his/her dividend will not be paid until the UK shares are sold, meaning that many people could lose money.

If Slim is selling in UK markets, and you have any questions about what you should do, you can always visit the London Stock Exchange in St James’s Gate. In other markets, you could try the exchange that is based in Hong Kong. If you do decide to trade in UK and foreign currencies, you should consider going with a US company – as long as they don’t get involved in the pound sterling exchange rate.

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