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Yes and no. You can sell them and use the money you make. Scalping is a form of investment management in and of itself. You might earn a nice profit in a day or two and then it’s back to square one. Scalping has some of the same problems as investing. First, it doesn’t pay much. But at least you know you’re doing something. Second, the potential losses are big, especially if stocks go to zero. And finally, there are no easy, guaranteed ways to return it because when you make money, it’s not always distributed to everyone and it’s possible you can lose more than you thought or more than you expected. While it’s possible to make money from the act of using the stock, it also takes some time and concentration to make it pay.

If you can make money from the act of investing, does an investment adviser really exist for scalpers?

No, not exactly. It depends upon your company’s operations. When you’re just a trader, all the options you have to work with are very limited. Even at that, it’s not easy to make more than a few million dollars in a year. As with making money from the act of investment, it takes some time and discipline.

That being said, there is no one that can give you advice on the subject. There are more people working in the stock and investment markets than there are actual people to help you. There always has been, there always will be, and what you’re able to do with your portfolio is the main reason to start working with an investment adviser. Whether an adviser can help you make money out of scalping depends on the nature of your company’s operations. At the very most, they can tell you what to look for.

What advice could you give to someone who thinks maybe the best way to make money is to use stock brokers?

There are plenty of brokers and brokers are not a useless thing to have in your bank. That being said, if you don’t have a financial company you work for, get one that specializes in stocks. They are the only ones who can give you advice on stock purchases with the aim of making money out of them — and they charge more than brokers in the process.

How about trading without a broker?

Some brokers are good at trading stocks. Others are not. The trade is mostly down to your intuition and experience. If you’ve never traded before, you’re usually better at the

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