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No, you can’t retire on nothing in 2017.’ But at the end of the day, he knows he has a great product. But he doesn’t know if he’s going to continue to manufacture it.”

A spokeswoman at G-Star’s American headquarters declined to comment.

The most valuable product on G-Star’s 2015 list—its newest product, the G-Star One—was valued at a relatively penny. Last year’s list had the least expensive model, the G-Star One II, a $349.99 unit.

A spokeswoman for G-Star said the company was taking steps to reduce its costs while continuing to manufacture the company’s standard products. “We’ve taken several steps this year to reduce costs and will continue to look for ways to reduce our operational costs,” she said in a statement.

A G-Star spokesman declined to comment beyond the above statement.
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A recent online thread from the G-Star website asked subscribers to weigh in on what they think could happen to the company if G-Star was forced to shut down.

One thread, titled “What if G Star suddenly shuts down?” received more than 120 replies, many of them complaining about how the product is “overpriced.”

The thread was not the first of its kind, however. When G-Star bought the rights to the G-Star name in 1996, it paid $60 million for the name.

In 2006, the Consumer Product Safety Commission began a complaint over the G-Star label, alleging that its warning labels, in addition to confusing a few G Star brands from several different manufacturers, were potentially hazardous and could pose a health risk to consumers. The company agreed to change some of the labels, including changing the name “G-Star” from the “G-Star One” to “G-Star One II,” according to reports.

But consumer complaints led to action from Congress, which last year asked the CFTC to investigate several violations relating to the G-Star label. The CFTC has fined G-Star about $60,000 since it began, but officials told WSJ that the company has paid thousands of dollars in refunds to customers.

It was unclear how significant the actions taken so far by Congress were based on complaints from the consumer or the commission.

In the 2015 U.S. retail marketplace, about a dozen major companies sell products bearing a G-Star name.

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