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This list is only a start and I strongly recommend reading the book “ Swing Trading Guide” by Michael E. Casey and Adam E. Lillis.

If you are looking to learn how to trade more effectively, then you should try to follow the steps in the book. But if you are just starting out, I would recommend you reading the book first before you try to follow the techniques in this article.

Image copyright EPA Image caption President Putin made his claim on Friday

A Kremlin adviser who helped launch Putin’s 2012 presidential campaign has been sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Alexander Zaldostanov was given a suspended 16-month jail term and two years’ probation for interfering in a political campaign.

Prosecutors had asked for a jail term of two years and nine months, which prosecutors said would give them enough time to question him about alleged illegal campaign activities.

The court made its ruling in a closed session.

Mr Zaldostanov’s lawyer, Nikolai Pavlovsky, told reporters after the verdict he wanted “to appeal for leniency”.

The BBC’s Adam Ramsay reports that Mr Pavlovsky said Mr Zaldostanov was not a Kremlin figure – but a respected advisor to Putin whom they did not like.

The Kremlin denies any attempts to use its influence over its candidate to manipulate public opinion, our correspondent says.

Zaldostanov’s supporters have said he was part of a “shadowy” campaign which did not receive the Kremlin’s backing and had a “purely personal motive” for seeking the presidency in 2012.

The verdicts took place at Moscow’s Chelyabinsk District Court, where it is hard to know if anyone broke the law, our correspondent says.

Russian elections are not held until May next year – although the Kremlin has promised to turn off any electronic voting machinery after that – because of concerns about voter fraud.

The trial of Sergei Udaltsov, an artist and political activist who took part in anti-Putin protests in Moscow’s main streets in 2011, began in December and has drawn attention to the issue of electoral fraud.

The European Commission has ruled that Facebook is in breach of European competition laws, as it argues that the social network uses its power to favour its own business interests over that of the public interest.

The Commission’s position was backed by the National Consumer Organisation, which warned that the ruling will hurt the EU

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