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To get you up to 50 pips a day, you can use:

A mixture of oats 5-8 times a week (for the day)

A liquid sweetener, like honey, brown sugar or cane sugar

A liquid calorie drink, such as a cola-type drink made with fruit, milk, cream or juice

Lactose-free milk and fruit drink mixers such as the Muesli Mixer or Dr. Pepper Mixer

A low-calorie snack, the Lenny’s Pancake Cup from Nestle, to which you can add a packet of peanut butter or honey or, if you have time and hunger, a packet of oatmeal

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An extra scoop of yogurt on toast with milk in your morning coffee

I’ve got a hard time falling asleep at night. Can I use stimulants?

There’s no problem for many people with sleep problems: if you have trouble falling asleep at night and you don’t need to sleep more than 4 hours at night, you need stimulants. Read more here on insomnia from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

How do I get off my antidepressant medication?

Some antidepressant medications have the potential to cause an unwanted side effect called depression. Taking a medicine you already have may help, but take extra caution if a person with your symptoms has taken the same antidepressant without side effects and has stayed on the medication for several months without experiencing any additional, unwanted side effects.

Do I need a new antipsychotic for my ADHD?

Your doctor or medication side effects expert will discuss your medication with you. If your doctor tells you it’s not possible to give your medication at the maximum dose and is not likely to increase the side effects or make you sicker, tell your doctor.

How can I prevent my daughter or granddaughter from developing an ADHD?

It’s important to learn about ADHD, its symptoms, as well as what happens to children who are diagnosed and treated with medication who later become ADHD.

The European Union’s (EU) chief negotiator has called on Germany to honour its legal commitment to ensure there is no return to a hard border between the two neighbours after Brexit.

Sigmar Gabriel, who is also Europe’s president, said that the EU “must not have a situation whereby there is only one common market.”

“The UK should know that the EU is an open and free market, and that we must

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