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You don’t need to eat a whole lot. Just 1-2 servings of cereal can give you a quick boost in energy. Plus, it’s a good way to meet your daily needs of iron and vitamin K.

Pump it up if you’re hungry, especially during the day where you might feel very sleepy. If you’re having trouble getting enough calories, try adding in a handful of nuts on the side.

By Dan Bernstein- senior columnist

(CBS) A judge in a suburban Chicago judge’s office is facing two criminal charges for allegedly exposing himself to female jail inmates and stealing money from their bail bonds.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Flannery told Chicago’s CBS2 News that the case was moved over to federal court after he was threatened after a federal complaint. He said Flannery was told he could face criminal charges if he didn’t stand down.
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Flannery was removed from the case in late September after investigators found he had been doing the inmate’s paperwork for weeks. According to prosecutors, Flannery repeatedly made sexual advances toward inmates in exchange for money. In August, Flannery allegedly took nude photos of the female inmates.

Prosecutors said their investigation revealed he has had an extended relationship with an inmate who is now in a halfway house. The inmates told investigators Flannery’s actions weren’t a part of her sentence for her attempted arson conviction.

Flannery was released on his own recognizance Monday, and police are still investigating the cases. They have not identified him.

The first time I met a former student of mine, I found her with her mother — the other half of an extended, seemingly never-ending family. “Have you ever come home from a class, and the car keys were still in the ignition?” I asked her. Her mother raised her eyes to her son, who was seated in the backseat of the car. She looked around for the keys and then smiled. “Oh, no. I’ve got to get home right away. The car won’t start.”

She was right that this was a serious problem for her daughter.

Every time I visit my sister-in-law here, I ask her in turn how her son’s college performance went. She asks me how old my son is — the kind of question that I can’t answer, because that information can help her to shape her view of what he will excel at. It’s not a question that I

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